2 Hour Tool Box Talks Site Safety Training Course (SST-B304)

Why take the 2 hour Tool Box Talks course?

The 2 Hour Tool Box Talk online SST course provides training on Tool Box Talks, and on-the-job safety meeting that highlights safety topics related to the specific job, such as workplace hazards and safe work practices. These are normally short meetings and are typically held at the job site before starting a job or work shift. It is a very effective method to remind workers of relevant safety hazards, cover last minute safety checks, and hear about lessons learned from more experienced workers. Toolbox talks also promote health and safety discussions on the job site, and improve the safety culture in the work place.

This 2 Hour Tool Box Talks online SST course is a NYC DOB SST Prescribed Course and contributes 2 hours of SST training towards the 62 Hour Supervisor SST card.

Training Requirements

  • 100% attendance of the online class is mandatory
  • Achieve a minimum of 70% in the written assessment at the end of the course
  • Completion of Evaluation Form at the end of the course

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the need for effective Tool Box Talks
  • Educate others on the role of Tool Box Talks to:
    • Reinforce an employer’s training efforts
    • Keep safety & health at the forefront in minds of workers
  • Prepare Tool Box Talks based on situation & needs of adult learners
  • Obtain and use feedback effectively during Tool Box Talks
  • Describe how frequent, effective Tool Box Talks increase comradery, communication and overall jobsite culture